Biju Patnaik Computer Centre (BPCC) plays a pivotal role in the University so far as all ICT related activities are concerned. It was established in 1986 as the hub to provide Internet
connectivity to different buildings in the campus through a Campus-wide LAN. The Internet service has been made possible through the NME-ICT National Knowledge Network project of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The Centre also extends necessary technical support during procurement, repair and maintenance of  computers, peripherals, network equipment, etc. All data processing activities relating to examinations i.e., starting from printing of admit cards, result processing, online publication of results of different Post Graduate as well as undergraduate courses are carried out in the administrative unit of the BPCC. Besides employee payroll, pension calculation, IT calculation, preparation of Form-16, and many other finance related data processing are also done regularly. This has helped in streamlining many of the data intensive, and time consuming activities of the University..

Aims and Objectives

  • Facilitate Internet connectivity through Campus-Wide LAN.
     Maintain of computers, peripherals, and other electronic equipment.
     Result Processing of 57 different types of examinations conducted by the University.
     Print Student Registration Slips, Admit Cards, Tabulation Registers, Degree Certificates and Mark Sheets.
     On-line Publication of results.
     Automate different financial data processing activities such as employee payroll, preparation of deduction schedules, calculation of arrears, GPF/CPF deductions and interest calculations etc.
     Extend technical support to users with respect to use of computers and different software.
     Act as an advisory unit to the University on matters relating to procurement, usage, and
    maintenance of computing and network equipment.

Thrust Areas of the Centre

  •  Facilitate internet access for teachers, researchers, students, and employees of the University.
     Automate different data processing works of the University.
     Extend technical support to the University as far as possible.
    Grants Received during (2010-15) with the Name of the Funding Agency A sum of Rs.15 Lac was received under the XI Plan equipment grant. The amount has been utilised and report sent on 25.02.2012.

Grants Received during (2010-15) with the Name of the Funding Agency

A sum of Rs.15 Lac was received under the XI Plan equipment grant. The amount has been utilised and report sent on 25.02.2012.

Members of the Staff of the Computer Centre:

Name Emp.Code Designation Qualification Scale of Pay Contact Email

Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Panda   DIRECTOR        
Mr. Srikrishna Chandra Panda   System Engineer   15600-39100 + GP 6600    
Mr. Ramakanta Padhy   Maintenance Engineer(Junior)   9300-34800 + GP 4600    
Mr. Bijaya Kumar Behera   Programmer/Technical Assistant   9300-34800 + Gp 5400 9861250808  
Mr. Ashok Kumar Khanda   Programmer/Technical Assistant   9300-34800 + Gp 5400 9861349709  
Mr Santosh Kumar Padhy   Programmer/Technical Assistant   9300-34800 + Gp 5400 9861535535  
Mr. Aruna Chandra Das   Computer Operator   9300-34800 + GP 4200 9338471102  
Mr. T.Badri Narayan Subudhi   Computer Operator   9300-34800 + GP 4200 9338679777  
Ms. Kumari Mandira Singh   Key Punch Operator   5200-20200 + GP 2200 9861262385  
Mr. Pradip Kumar Nayak   Key Punch Operator   5200-20200 + GP 2200    

Future Plans

  • Establish Wi-Fi campus
  • Set-up an e-Studio for conducting e-classes under the NME-ICT project
  • Establish a Central Computing Facility Centre for the students.

The Computer Centre has been providing all technical support relating to use of ICT in the campus. There are many computers and network equipment that are being used for the purpose. In this respect, recently 50 computers have already been installed.