Health Care Center

The University Health Centre was established in the year 1979 to meet the health care needs of the students and residents of the university campus. The Heath Centre has facilities for providing preventive and curative Health Care both allopathic and Homeopathic treatment. Further, the service is not only extended to students, staff and their family members but also to the general public in the neighbouring villages as there is no medical facilities available nearby to treat the patients.

Working Hours

Morning Session: 09.00 am to 01.00 pm

Afternoon Session: 05.00pm to 07.00pm

In addition, there is 24 hours ambulance service available by the University. The Health Centre is located in a suitable ambiance for an easy access to the patients. To look after the Health Centre and to provide primary health services, following staff are appointed by the Government of Odisha.

  • One Allopathic and One Homeopathic doctor
  • One Compounder
  • One Nurse and One Attendant


Major Activities undertaken during June 2010-May 2015


Activities undertaken

Number of Patients


OPD Treatment

Allopath-11902 , Ayush-2184


OPD Treatment

Allopath-11202 , Ayush-2343


OPD Treatment

Allopath-11602 , Ayush-3280


OPD Treatment

Allopath-11577 , Ayush-3457


OPD Treatment

Allopath-11748 , Ayush-4114


Future Plans

  • Reconstruction and expansion of Building of the Health Centre.
  • Construction of staff quarters in the Hospital premises.
  • Engagement of one lady doctor and two class IV staff.
  • Setting of a Pathology Laboratory with a qualified Laboratory Technician.