1. Application for Affiliation of Colleges


1. Equivalence of Degrees other than B.Ed.

2. Certificate for Practical Examiners

3. Consolidated Absent Statement ( Proforma-I )

4. Temporary Absence of Candidates ( Proforma-II )

5. Proforma-III

6. Examination Remuneration Bill Form

7. Examiners Report

8. Malpractice Form

9. Statement of Details of the Answer Books Contained in the Packet

10. Traveling Allowance Bill Form

11. Rate of Remuneration of all Examinations

12. Instructions to Center Superintendent

13. TDC University Examinations - Utilization Certificate Format

14. Application form for issue of Migration Certificate

15. Application form for issue of Original Certificate/Diploma.

16. Application form for issue of Marksheet/Provisional Certificate.

17. Application for Change of Title of Ph.D.-D.Litt.-D.Sc.-LL.D.

18. Application for Extension of Time for Ph.D.-D.Litt.-D.Sc.-LL.D.

19. Preliminary Application Form for Non-Collegiate M.A.(Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu) Examinations

20. Final Application Form for M.A.(Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu) Examinations

21. Final Application Form for Improvement of M.A.(Hindi, Sanskrit, Telugu) Examinations

22. Ph.D Regulation 2016

23. M.Phill Regulation 2016

24. Ph.D. Forms | Annexures

25. Guidelines for Submission of List of Examiners for Ph.D/D.Litt./D.Sc./L.L.D. and Format

26. B.Ed. Degree Equivalency Notification | Corrigendum | Additional Notification

27. Application Form for Admission into P.G. Hostels

28. Angavastra Nomination Form

29. Equivalence of Degree

30. +3 Regulations under CBCS