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About Department

The department of Physics was started in 1969 with a vision to spread science and to provide higher education to the people particularly in southern part of Odisha. Dr. S. N. Behera was the founder of this department. The department offers a two-year Master’s degree course in physics. Since its inception the department has grown appreciably with the leadership of Prof. P.K. Mishra not only in terms of students and faculty strength but also in terms of the introduction of new courses and broadening research activities. The Post- Graduate curricula have recently undergone major orientation congruent with the development and trends in the subject to help the students to seek a career in different thrust areas of the subject like condensed matter physics, material science, nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear astrophysics, particle physics, cosmology etc.

The department made outstanding contributions to research and published around 400 papers in reputed international and national journals in above subjects. The hallmark of the department is sincere teaching and outstanding research. The department has availed funds from different all-India agencies for research. Several candidates got their Ph. Ds from the department. The department received assistance under FIST programme of DST, Govt. of India. Promising Faculties of the Department Prof. N. C. Mohapatra, Prof. G. S. Tripathi, and Prof. R. Sahu received the “Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award” by Odisha Bigyan Academy for the years 1996, 2005 and 2010 respectively.

The department offers M. Phil course with specializations in Solid state, Nuclear and Particle physics. It regularly conducts seminars. It has organized six National Seminars in 1996, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2009 and 2014. It hosted the annual Condensed Matter Days symposium in 2005. It organized the OPS meetings twice in 1978 and 1998. It had also organized a Winter School in Disordered systems in Collaboration with TIFR, Mumbai in 1977 and a Summer School in collaboration with the Institute Of Physics, Bhubaneswar in 1999. Both the schools hosted outstanding physicists of the country. It was an associate member of the Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit (TPSC).

Many of its students went abroad for higher studies and some of them are absorbed in various Institutions there. Some of our students are also faculty in leading national level institutes and laboratories. It is a vibrant place for study and research and it is hoped that it would maintain the same tempo in coming years.

Master Degree (M.Sc.)

About Course Programme

The Department offers two years Master’s Degree programme consisting of four semesters. The course curriculum has been designed in accordance with the recent guidelines from U.G.C. and in tune with the syllabus for NET and GATE exams. It includes advanced topics like General Theory of Relativity (GTR) and Field Theory. The syllabi have been designed to train the students to pursue their higher career.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

After completion of B.Sc.(+3 Science) preferably with Physics Honours and Mathematics/Chemistry, one can apply for this course. Selection of the students to this course is based on the career marks.

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click here to download the CBCS Syllabus for 2015-16

Click here to download the Syllabus (2012-14)

Click here to download the Syllabus (2013-15)

Click here to download the DEC Syllabus (2013-15)

Class Schedule

  • 1st & 3rd Semester classes starts from July and ends in December.
  • 2nd & 4th Semester classes starts from January and ends in June.
  • MON TO FRI: Theory-10:30am---- 01:30pm; Practical-01:30pm----03:45pm;
  • UGC NET/Add on/Quiz/Competative Exam-03:45pm----04:30pm.
  • SAT : Theory- 10:30am----01:30pm; PROCT-01:30pm----02:00pm; Seminar-02:40pm----03:45pm;
  • Add on/Quiz-03:45pm----04:30pm.


About Course Programme

Department offers one calendar year i.e. two semesters M.Phil Programme. The course is designed to train the students for higher studies and research in the branches of Solid state, Nuclear and Particle physics. The course consists of two theory papers of 200 marks in first semester and dissertation of 100 marks in the second semester. Paper-I contains Research Methodology paper, which is compulsory. The student has to opt for a special paper (Paper-II) out of Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics and Particle Physics. He has to work under a faculty member in any one of the special papers mentioned above and submit the dissertation for evaluation by the external and internal examiners.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

After passing M. Sc. in physics the students are eligible for this course. The selection is based on entrance test followed by Viva-Voce. During Viva-Voce, the career points in the qualifying examinations are taken into account.

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click here to download the Syllabus for the Session 2015-16

Click here to download the Syllabus

Class Schedule

Classes usually starts in January and held on during all working days from 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Apart from the theory classes weekly seminars are held regularly.


About Course Programme

The Department offers this programme in branches of solid state Physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Photonics. Candidates seeking admission into this programme are required to possess M.Sc. Degree in Physics with a minimum of 55% marks in aggregate. Then the students are selected through URET/CSIR -NET/ GATE to enter to this programme and undergo a Pre-Ph.D. Course work of one semester/ six months duration. The Research Methodology paper provides the necessary skills/tools to design and solve a problem. After clearing the course work, the student can apply for registration for Ph. D Degree and the Degree is awarded as per the Berhampur University Guideline in tune with the 2009 UGC regulation. In this programme close interaction of the students with the faculties, creates a healthy atmosphere where students can choose their own area under the guidance of a supervisor. The Department provides an excellent environment for carrying out advanced research, thus creating highly committed researchers engaged in producing original research work. Faculties of this department have a good net working round the globe which inspires the students to enhance their ability of doing research work.

How to Enter into the Course Programme

The candidates having M.Sc Degree in Physics with minimum 55% of marks in aggregate are eligible to apply for this Course Programme. Our University conducts an entrance test (URET) followed by viva-voce for this programme. Otherwise candidates can enter into the course through NET, GATE or similar type of tests as decided by the university authorities from time to time.

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click here to download the Syllabus

Course Schedule

Classes are started in January and held on during all working days from 11.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Apart from the theory classes weekly seminars are held regularly.


Our department offers D.Sc programme in solid state, nuclear and particle physics. After completion of Ph.D Degree in a preferable branch in physics, one can apply for D.Sc programme in concerned branch. In this program, the candidate will work under a supervisor. However he/she has to work almost independently.


Dr. Sukanta Kumar Tripathy
Ph. D., Berhampur University
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Dr Sukanta K Tripathy holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics (Photonics) from Berhampur University. He has been teaching Physics in the Department of Physics Berhampur University since January 2016.His current research interest includes nano photonics including Quantum dot sensitized solar cell and optical fiber quantum dot hybrids. He has guided six doctoral students and has about forty publications to his credit. He has collaboration for research with University of Electro communication, Japan; Brunel University, London; Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences and Centre for Condensed Matter Sciences, NTU, Taiwan. He has authored one book on Materials Science and Engineering(SciTech Publisher) and edited another book Functional Materials (AIP Publisher) with Prof S.M.Bose of Drexel University,USA.He has completed one DST (Odisha) funded Project. He is a life member of Photonics Society of India, Optical Society of India, Indian Society of Technical education, Orissa Physical Society and a member of IEEE Photonics Society. He is a reviewer of IEEE photonics journal, Journal of applied physics (AIP), Journal of modern physics (Taylor Francis), and Chinese optics letter (Taylor Francis), Optical fiber technology (Elsevier).

Dr. Chapala Das
Ph. D., Berhampur University
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Dr. Chapala Das joined Institute of Physics as Pre-Doctoral Scholar in the year 1981after completion of her M.Sc Degree in Physics from Berhampur University in the same year. She continued as a doctoral scholar in the said Institute in Nuclear Physics till 1987. She started her service career as a lecturer at Banki College, Banki, Cuttack in the year 1987 and subsequently, she joined as a lecturer in P.G. Department of Physics, Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar in 1995. She became reader in the year 2000. She has published papers in Journals like PRL, PRC, PLB, IJMPD etc. and a book to her credit. She has participated around 25 seminars/symposia/workshops/SERC Schools. She was the principal Investigator of one UGC and DST (Central) Projects. One student is awarded her Ph.D Degree under her guidance and one student has already submitted her thesis for her Ph.D Degree. 5 M.Phil students are awarded their Degree under her consultation. Two Ph.D Students and two M.Phil students are pursuing their work under her supervision. She has performed the administration work as the Head of the Department during the academic years 2013-2015 and the Chairman, Board of Studies. She has also served as the superintendent/ Assistant superintendent of Ladies’ hostels for eight years and actively participated in other extracurricular activities in the University.

Dr. Snigdha Mishra
Reader & HOD
Ph. D., Utkal University
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Dr(Mrs) Snigdha Mishra obtained her Master’s degree from Utkal University, Vanivihar, Diploma in Advanced Physics, from Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics (High Energy Physics) from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. She did her post-doctoral assignment as a CSIR research Associate. She joined the P.G. Department of Physics , Berhampur university as a lecturer in 1995. Subsequently she has been promoted to Senior lecturer in 1999 and then to Reader in 2007. Her current research interest includes Higher dimensional Gauge theory and it’s phenomenological implications. She has published about 18 no. of papers in various journals and conference proceedings. She has guided one student at the doctoral level and 12 students at the M.Phil. level. She has been associated with Odisha Physical Society and Indian Science Congress as a life member.

Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Panda
Ph. D., Berhampur University
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Sidhartha Sankar Panda started his teaching carrier as Physics lecturer at Science College, Hinjilicut, Odisha in the year 1991.He has completed his M.Phil in Physics from Berhampur University Berhampur . He completed his PhD Degree in the year 2001 from Berhampur University, Berhampur under the Guidance of Prof.S.N.Jena. He joined in the department of Physics, Berhampur University in the year 2012 as Reader. He guided M.Phil , PhD scholars, published many papers, reviewed different manuscripts of journals, design U.G & P.G courses, deliver several talk at different College/University with in India . In addition he has many academic administrative assignments during this period. He has been a member of the Research Committee and Board of studies of different Universities/Institutions. Presently, He is appointed as Sports’ Council Secretary, Berhampur University. He is a Life Member of Orissa Physical Society. His present research interests have been in the area of High energy Physics attempting to understand the origin of the excess of baryons over anti-baryons in the Universe remains one of the fascinating problems of High Energy physics and cosmology. He is interested in investigating the static electromagnetic properties of light baryons in their ground states, the mass spectra and decay properties of baryons as well as mesons, (light as well as heavy flavoured mesons).

Mr. Sashi Sekhar Behera
M. Sc., Utkal University
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Mr.S.S.Behera has completed his masters degree from Utkal University, Vanivihar in the year 2008.He has received CSIR(NET-JRF) in the year 2010 and joined as a research fellow(CSIR-JRF) at IIT-Kharagpur. After quitting the institute, meanwhile he joined the department of physics, Berhampur University as a lecturer in the year 2011 and currently doing his Ph.D under the guidance of Prof.G.S.Tripathi. His area of research includes diluted magnetic semiconductor.

Dr. Salila Das
Ph. D., Berhampur University
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Dr Salila Das has obtained M.Sc. degree from Berhampur University. She has qualified NET and joined as a research fellow in the same University. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Physics (Condensed Matter Physics) from Berhampur University. She has started her career as a lecturer in Ramanarayana Degree College, Berhampur. She has been teaching Physics in the Department of Physics Berhampur University since April 2012. Her current research interest includes anti-ferromagnetism and superconductivity. She has guided five M.Phil. students and has published 6 papers in International Journals and 3 in national Journals. She is a life member of Orissa Physical Society.

Dr. Debasis Swain
Guest Lecturer
Ph. D. University of Hyderabad
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Dr.Debasis Swain has completed his Masters degree from Berhampur University with Material Science special paper in the year 1998.He did his Pre.Ph.D. in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He has received CSIR (NET-LS) in the year 2000. He joined in a DST-SERC project as research fellow in Institute of Material Science and Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. He has completed his Ph.D. in ultrafast optics from University of Hyderabad in July 2014.He has joined as a guest faculty in Physics Department since September 2014.He is a life member of OPS and IPS.

Dr. Rankanidhi Sahu
Retired Professor and presently working as DST Project Investigator
Ph. D., Berhampur University
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After completing his Ph.D. in the year 1975, he worked as a PDF for two years at Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad. He started his teaching career as a lecturer in Physics at N.C. College, Jajpurin 1983. Then he joined P.G. Department of Physics, Berhampur University. Subsequently he was promoted as a reader in the year 1990 and professor in the year 1999 and superannuated in the year 2011. He has published 54 research papers in international journals like Physical Review, Journal of Physics G, Physics Letters, Nuclear Physics A etc. His research interest includes Nuclear Spectroscopy, double-beta decay, nuclear matter, chaos in nuclei etc. He had delivered invited talks in seminars at Germany and Italy. He had visited university of Puebingen, Germany, under DAAD fellowship. Four students have received Ph.D. under his guidance. He received the Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award for the year 2010. After his superannuation, he was awarded the UGC emeritus fellowship for two years from 2011. He has successfully completed seven major research projects. Presently he is working as a PI in a DST research project.

Dr. Sunil Kumar Patro
Stores Keeper
Ph. D., Berhampur University

Dr. Sunil Kumar Patro holds a Ph.D. degree from Berhampur University. He has been working as a Stores Keeper since 1989.


The students and teachers of this department are availing the fully-furnished computer laboratory with internet facility. Audio-Visual aids are used during seminars, conferences and special classes of the department.

Seminar Library

The seminar library consists of about 2000 books. Besides there are some back volumes of Physical Review Letters donated by Prof. Sashi Satapathy, University of Missouri- Columbia- USA, Reviews of Modern Physics, donated by Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar.


The students and teachers of this Department are availing computing facility including other social science software packages. There is an internet laboratory of ten computers. We have a computer laboratory for students. Besides, all the teachers are provided with a computers and printer.


Four laboratories are functioning as per M.Sc. curriculum. These are Computer Science Lab, Optic Lab, Solid State and Materials Science laboratory, Modern Physics Laboratory. In addition to it, two advanced labs are there in the Department such as Vacuum Coating Labs and Gamma Ray Spectrometer Lab.

Student Project Work

The Students in M.Sc. Programme are encouraged for doing physics related projects both inside and outside of the Department. Students undertake the projects outside only during summer. As per the new CBCS syllabus, the project work is mandatory for each student in the end semester.


Research Area in the Department

The faculty members and the research scholars of this Department are actively engaged in research. The various fields in which the research work is being undertaken are:

  • Theoretical Condensed Matter and Materials Physics.
  • Theoretical Nuclear Physics.
  • Theoretical Particle Physics.
  • Photonics (Theory and Experiment)

Project Execution in the Department

R & D Project

Major Project

Project Title :

Spectroscopic study of heavy nuclei

Funded by

DST(Government of India)

Principal Investigator

Retd. Prof. R. Sahu

Co Investigator

Dr. Snigdha Mishra


About 12 lakhs


2013 - 2016


Ongoing from 2013


Department of Physics conducted an Alumni meet followed by one day scientific session by Dr.H.K.Sahu, Retd. Scientist(H) IGCAR, Madras on topic “Exciting alleys in Physics” and Prof.T.Sahu, Ex-Professor BU on “Quantum Semiconductor Devices” on 20th March 2016.




Department of Physics conducted one day seminar on the eve of science day on 27th February 2016. Prof. S.M. Bhattacharya of Institute of Physics delivered an interesting talk on “Application of physics in biology”.



One day talk by V.N.Mani of CMET,Hyderabad , has been organized by the Department.


One day seminar was held on 13.03.2015 by Prof. Hiranmaya Mishra ( PRL, Ahmedabad) with topic “Matter under Extreme Conditions”. National Science Day was observed on 28.02.2015 with a seminar on “Superstitions in Science” by Prof. Simanchal Panigrahy (NIT Rourkela). A national Seminar on Recent Advances in Physics was organized on 4th-5th May, 2014

Department of Physics conducted a National Seminar on "Recent Advances in Physics" on 5th & 6th May 2014. It was organized in collaboration with Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. The seminar covered the topics like Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics and Bio-Physics. In the seminar the talks are delevered by eminent scientists from PRL, Ahamadabad; SINP & VECC, Kolkota and IIT & Central University, Hyderbad.

The students and teachers of the department along with the Chairman, P. G. Council Prof. A. K. Panigrahy; performed the extension work by cleaning the premises of the department of physics and chemistry. They also planted the herbs and trees in front of the department.

The students of the department organized the picnic at Salia Dam, Banapur , Odisha.


The department has formed its alumni association in November 2014. It is named as Berhampur University Physics Alumni Association (BUPAA).The next Alumni meeting was held on 20th March 2016. In this occasion two invited talks are delivered by two of our distinguished alumni Dr.H.K.Sahu, Prof.T.Sahu .

Present Office Bearers


  1. President: Prof.H.K.Sahu, Scientist H, IGCAR
  2. Vice-President: Dr.Bana Bihari Panigrahy, Principal IC, Chatrapur Science College
  3. Secretary: Prof. Sukant Kumar Tripathy, Berhampur University
  4. Joint Secretary:Dr. Sidhartha Sekhar Panda(B.U.), Mr.Sumant Kumar Pattanaik(NIST)
  5. Treasurer: Mr. Santosh Kumar Padhi


Some important Alumni


1971 S. N. Sahu, Medical Physicist USA

1973 Debraj Sahu, Space Scientist USA

1974 Budhinath Padhy, Computer Enginerer USA

1977 Kailash Sahu, Space Scientist USA

1979 Swasti Panigrahi, Computer Engineer USA

1980 M. Mohapatra, SBI Officer USA

1981 Meenakhi Mohapatra, Research Scientist USA

1983 Sanjay Das, Computer Engineer USA

1984 Kalyan Das, Research Professor USA

1987 Upendra Das, Materials Scientist and Computer USA

1994 Nihar Behera, Medical Physicist USA

1995 Satya Narayan Panda, Chemical Physicist USA

1996 Keshab Panda, Materials Scientist USA

1996 Ajit Mohapatra, Research Scientist USA


In reputed National Institutes

1972 Prof. N. Nayak(Retd), Faculty, S. N. Bose national Centre, Kolkata

1973 Prof. H. K. Sahu(Retd), Scientist H, IGCAR, Kalpakkam

1975 Prof. P. K. Mohapatra, Pro ViceChancellor, WBUT, Kolkata

1980 Dr. P. L. Sahu, Scientist. IGCAR. Kalpakkam

1988 Prof. A. K. Pati, Harish Chandra Institute, allahabad

1994 Prof. P. K. Mohanty, SINP, Kolkata

1995 Prof. P. K. Tripathy, IITM, Chennai

1998 Prof. R.C. Mallik, IISc, Bangalore

1999 Prof. Sashi Ratha, IIT, Bhubaneswar


Faculty in Other Universities

1972 Prof. K. Moharana(Retd.), Utkal University

1975 Prof. S. Mishra, Dean of Basic Sciences, OUAT, BBSR

1978 Prof. S. Panigrahi, NIT, Rourkela

1981 Dr. B. Panda, Ravenshaw University

1986 Prof. S. K. Udgata, Hyderabad University

1997 Prof. A.K. Pattnaik, VSSUT, Burla

1999 Dr. S. Mishra, BPUT, Odisha

1999 Dr. T. Routray, SOA University

1999 Dr. D. Mishra, SOA University

2012 S. Behera, VSSUT, Burla

2012 S. Patri, VSSUT, Burla


Faculty in Our University

1976 Prof. G.S. Tripathy

1976 Prof. R. Sahu

1976 Prof. R.C. Nayak

1976 Prof. T. Sahu

1977 Dr. S. Nayak

1981 Dr. C. Das

1984 Dr. S. Das

1985 Dr. M. Patra

1985 Mr. S. Padhy

1988 Dr. S.S. Panda


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Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Panda
Head, Physics
Email :