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About Department

Commencement: As pioneers of law teaching and legal research, the Post-Graduate Department of Law (PGDL, hereafter) has been initiated to cater the legal education needs of the southern Orissa, in the year 1985.

Infrastructure: Berhampur University with the help of UGC assistance embarked upon providing a wholesome post-graduate department of law. PGDL has its own infrastructure as per UGC stipulations.

1. Courses offered: Two years Fulltime masters degree in Law leading to LL.M degree, in semester pattern (4 semesters). The syllabus is structured on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) 2015.

2. Specializations: 1. Criminal Law and Administration; 2. Business Law and Governance; 3. Environmental Law and Legal order.

Courses: Currently, in consideration of student demand and market need the PGDL is offering specialization in two subjects, viz., (1.) Criminal Law and Administration and (2.) Business Law and Governance. The PGDL earlier imparted courses with specializations in (i.) Constitutional Law; (ii.) International Law, (iii.) Family Law; (iv.) Labour Law; (v.) Environmental Law;(vi.) Criminal Law; (vii.) Business Law and (viii.) Human Rights Law.

The PGDL has conducted a PG diploma Programme in Human Rights Duties and Education and PG Diploma in Disaster Management.

VISION: Achieve excellence in legal education and research in quest for development of a humane and just society.

MISSION: Commitment to holistic development of students:

  1. Intellectually alive,
  2. Morally upright,
  3. Socially responsible citizens ;
  4. Lead the legal profession and academics to new heights.

Master Degree (LAW)

Course Programme

LL.M Course at Berhampur University commenced in the year 1985. The Distinction of LL.M studies lies in fundamental characteristics of being a full-time research oriented post-graduate programme in law. The syllabus is structured on Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) 2015

Admission into the Course Programme

Law graduates from both five years and three years stream of LL.B from Berhampur University and other universities (as considered equivalent by Berhampur University) can take admission into LL.M programme. The admission is conducted by open advertisement, on comparative merit basis. The scale of merit is devised on a career point scale with respective weightage given to course from Matriculation to graduate and LL.B studies. The career point scale for the purpose is devised and published in the prospectus issued by the Chairman, Post-Graduate Council. Usually the LL.M admissions commences with in fifteen days from the publication of LL.B results by Berhampur University.

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click Here to Download the CBCS Syllabus for 2015-16

Click Here to Download the Syllabus for 2013-14 (Old)

Class Schedule

11.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. Besides, subjects taught by the concerned professors in the classroom there is also library assignment, protectoral class and seminar presentation specified in the class Timetable. Mid-Semester examination is conducted at regular interval which is indicated in the class schedule.


Course Programme

  • As stipulated by UGC and in the PhD regulation of BU
  • Admission into the Course Programme
  • By qualifying at UGC NET examination and/or URET Examination conducted by Berhampur University

Curriculum / Syllabi

Click Here to Download the Syllabus for 2013-14

Course Schedule

As per BU PhD regulations and courses of study


Course Programme

As prescribed in BU LL.D/D.Litt regulations

Admission into the Course Programme

Ph.D in Law with publications as above regulations


Professor (Dr.) Bhagirathi Panigrahi
Ph.D., Berhampur University
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Prof. Panigrahi holds a Master Degree in Law from Cochin University of Science and Technology, kerla and Ph. D. from Berhampur University, Odisha. He joined in Sambulpur University as a Lecturer in Law in 1987. He has been teaching in the PG department of Law, Berhampur University since 1998. Currently he is the Deen & Head of the Department and also chairman, BOS of Law. He also holds addtional responsibilities as Additional Director , Distance Education Centre, Berhampur University and advisor to the Student's Union. To his credit, he has published 40 research articles in various reputed national and International journals and has participated nearly 50 National and International seminar / conferances in various Universities through out the country and has presented research papers. He has also visited as a visiting professor to Hawassa University, Euthopia to deliver lectures to the students and faculties. He has produced 20 Ph.D. , 3 LL.D and 7 M.Phil scholars. He is a life member of Indian Law Institute, New Delhi, Institute of Crimonology, Chennai and Institute of Social Science, Allahabad.

Dr. (Mrs.) Manoj Manjari Patnaik
Ph.D., Central University of Hyderabad
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Dr(Mrs) Manoj Manjari Patnaik studied LL.B. at Lingaraj Law College, Berhampur and LL.M at Post Graduate Department of Law, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar. She was awarded Ph.D. in Law by Berhampur University in 2001. Dr Patnaik joined as a faculty member at Post Graduate Department of Law, Berhampur University in 1985 and will retire after 30 years of service on attaining superannuation at the end of April 2016. She mentored over 800 post-graduate law students during 30 years of teaching carrier. Her area of interest on doctoral studies focused on domestic violence and under her guidance 5 scholars have been awarded Ph.D. for their dissertations on subjects ranging from family law to corporate law and constitutional law to human rights law. She has published over 20 research articles, chapters in two books and co-authored a book. She had successfully discharged responsibilities as Dean, Faculty of Law, and Head of the Department, Post Graduate Department of Law, Berhampur University between academic sessions 2009 and 2011.

Dr. Nilanchala Sethy
Ph.D., Berhampur University
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Dr.Nilanchala Sethy, product of Berhampur University, Holds Master Degree In Law , Political Science, Qualified UGC NET (2012-JUNE) and awarded Ph.D. in Law(2015). He has awarded Rajiv Gandhi National Fellow in the Year 2009,Engaged as a Research Scholar( JRF & SRF)from 2009 to 2014 In Linga Raj Law College, a Constituent College of Berhampur University and engaged as a Extension Lecturer for short period. He joined as a Guest Faculty from 15.03.2015.with teaching, he is engaged as a member of such Sub Committee in the department. He is appointing as a Resource person for LL.M.DEC Programme. He has published 5 articles in National & International Journal and has participated & presented his papers nearly 15 UGC sponsored National Seminars /Conferences in various universities throughout the Country. His interest areas are Constitutional Law & Environmental Law.  


Seminar Library

Available with limited facilities. Books are issued from the seminar library as and when required by the students. Although no fund is allocated by the University for the Seminar Library, we are trying our best to modernize it.


Available with limited facilities. Faculty and students use the computers with printers, Overhead projector available in the department as and when required. Internet facilities is also provided to the staff and students.


Legal aid clinic is functioning in the department. Students participate actively to attend different legal aid programmes, Lok Adalat conducted by the Judiciary.

Student Project Work

Students may opt for dissertation work as part of their academic course curriculum. They also prepare good research papers for seminar presentation as a part of the course curriculum.

Study Tour

This facility is provided to the students when funds are allocated by the University to visit the Supreme Court of India and different Law Universities in our country.


Research Area in the Department

The PGDL has contributed to research in Law very actively. More than 70 PhD thesis and five LL.D thesis have been awarded. The research scholars are chosen from all over the country, and the degree holders are contributing to the legal knowledge immensely, from the positions they are serving with the continuing legal research zeal.

Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law,Business Law; Family Law Environmental Law

Publication / Achievement / Credentials

The PGDL faculties are continuously publishing research articles in reputed law journals and books and have been encouraging the students to publish their writings. PGDL also have published news-letters, journals and books, whenever the financial resources were available.


  • Propose of conducting Seminars and law journals, newsletters in the departments.
  • National Seminar on IPR : 21-22 December 2011.
  • Certificate course and P.G. Diploma course in Human Rights and Duties Education, Disaster Management.


The department has formed its alumni association in 2013. It is named as Electronic Science Alumni Association Berhampur University (ESAABU). Its Bylaws has been approved the Syndicate of the University. The first meeting was held on on 27th January 2013. The second alumni meet took place on 10th Nov 2014.

The second alumni meet started with two invited talks presented by two of our distinguished alumni Dr.Amalendu Patnaik, Associate Professor, IIT Rurkee and Dr. Gopal Patra through Skype.

Present Office Bearers


  1. President: Dr. S. K. Dash
  2. Secretary: Dr. Amiya K. Dalai
  3. Treasurer: Dr. G. S. Maharana


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The students from the department are in various services in the nation in pursuance to the PG degree in law. The offices they adore include state judiciary, law faculty at various Universities in the country including national law universities, government offices, advocacy, law-firms, main-stream state politics, and private business houses of repute, voluntary organizations and the allied positions.

1 PhD (Law) Alumni Association is functional since 2009


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Professor (Dr.) Bhagirathi Panigrahi
Dean and Head (Law)
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