About Library

About Library

Berhampur University is having a Central Library named as R.P. Padhi Library to commemorate the memory of the Late R.P. Padhi who served the University as the Vice Chancellor from 1968 to 1972. His contributions to the Institution is highly appreciable and praise worthy. The Library was established in the year 1968 to meet the growing needs of the students, teachers , research scholars and book loving personnel. It is a 3-storey building having three main sections.

  • The acquisition section, technical section and the Circulation Section are located in the ground floor to Procure, process and to issue / return of books to students and other library members. Reprographic Service is also provided to the users in the Ground floor at the Entrance of the library .
  • Reference Section-I containing books and journals is located in the first floor
  • Reference Section-II is placed in the 2nd floor which has the facility for reading newspapers, magazines and reference books.
  • The library has huge collection of books( about 1,30,000 books)apart from journals and manuscripts.
  • The library users community consists of teachers, research Scholars,Students and Non-teaching staffs of the University.In addition to this, it also serves some users from outside.
  • University Library is offering various library services through its Professionally competent Staffs by using print and electronic resources. Access to e-contents is also made available to the academic community through various programmes.

Objectives of R. P. Padhi Library

  • To serve as a repository of the resources used for teaching and research.
  • To have reference books, journals, magazines, newspapers, periodicals etc. of general knowledge, current affairs, and development of all round personality and communication skills to facilitate employability.
  • To assist the faculty members in pursuit of their research activities by providing required reference material to the best of the ability.
  • To collaborate with other institutions of national and international repute in positioning the University Central Library as the leading platform for learning and research for the users of on and off the campus.
  • To provide global access to retrieve information published worldwide in many disciplines in support of Teaching, Consultancy, and Research.


Library Facilities and Different Sections of the R.P. Padhi Library


1. Acquisition Section

The Library has about 1,30,000 books . This section deals with the procurement and allotment of accession no. to the library documents.

2. Technical Processing Section

The belongings of the library are fully processed using the popular technical tools like 18th edition of DDC for classification and AACR–II for cataloguing. The centrally exhibited library catalogue is arranged alphabetically under three sections such as author, title and subject for tracing each book by the library users.

3. Circulation Section

The Circulation Section of Library is kept open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm. The transaction hours of this Section are from 10.45 am to 2.00 pm and 2.30 pm to 3.45 pm on all working days.

FIRST FLOOR: Reference Section-I

1. Journal Section

The Journal Section is kept open from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm in all the working days of the University. The Section is occupied with Current Journals, Back Volume of Journals , Reports , Statistical Handbooks , Census Reports , Maps ,Globe, Reference Books (Encyclopaedia, Dictionary, Year Book etc.) and Ph.D Theses with reading Room and E-Content access center .

2. e-Content access centre

Apart from these , users are also accessing e-resources like Books, Journals, Reports, Coference Proceedings and Ph.D Thesis from PROQUEST database and UGC INFONET digital consortium through 30 access points.

SECOND FLOOR: Reference Section–II

1. Textbook-cum-Reading Room Section

The textbook-cum-reading room section is functioning in the 2nd floor of the R.P. Padhi Library building. This Section is kept open for use and reference from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday and 10.30 am to 4.30 pm on Saturday and Sunday except University holidays. This Section is occupied with Text and Reference Books , M. Phil. Theses, P.G.Dissertations, News Papers( Odia,English , Hindi and Telugu.) and Magazines.

Staff Details

SNo Professional Staffs Designation

Dr.(Ms)Manaswini Patra

Assistant Librarian(Librarian I/c)


Ms.Subhalaxmi Nayak

Assistant Librarian


Dr.(Ms)K.Damayanti Patra

Professional Assistant


Ms.Namita Gantayat

Professional Assistant


Ms.Basanti Pattnaik

Professional Assistant



Professional Assistant

S No Supporting Staffs Designation
1 Ms.Puspa Ranjani Kumbha Senior Typist
2. Mr.N.Narayan Rao Senior Assistant
3. Ms.Usha Rani Pattnaik Senior Typist
4. Mr.Bira Kishore Panda Library Attendant
5. Mr.Surendra Purohito Library Attendant
6. Ms.Ranjita Nayak Library Attendant
7. Mr.N.Ramesh Kumar Library Attendant
8. Ms.Surya Prabha Pandit Peon
9. Ms.Golap Devi Panda Peon
10. Ms.Basanti Panigrahi Peon
11. Ms.D.Tarinimma Reddy Peon

Contact Us

  • Librarian: 0680-2227324
  • Asst.Librarian:0680-2227332